[Lemei] UtilCache: Effectively and Practicably Reducing Link Cost in Information-Centric Network


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Lemei Huang, Yu Guan, Xinggong Zhang*, Zongming Guo, "UtilCache: Effectively and Practicably Reducing Link Cost in Information-Centric Network", Proc. of the International Conference on Communications (ICC'2019), 20-24 May 2019, Shanghai, China.
   Minimizing total link cost in Information-Centric Network (ICN) by optimizing content placement is challenging in both effectiveness and practicality. To attain better performance, upstream link cost caused by a cache miss should be considered in addition to content popularity. To make it more practicable, a content placement strategy is supposed to be distributed, adaptive, with low coordination overhead as well as low computational complexity. In this paper, we present such a content placement strategy, UtilCache, that is both effective and practicable. UtilCache is compatible with any cache replacement policy. When the cache replacement policy tends to maintain popular contents, UtilCache attains low link cost. In terms of practicality, UtilCache introduces little coordination overhead because of piggybacked collaborative messages, and its computational complexity depends mainly on content replacement policy, which means it can be O(1) when working with LRU. Evaluations prove the effectiveness of UtilCache, as it saves nearly 40% link cost more than current ICN design.