Dongyan Zhao中文


Wangxuan Institute of Computer Technology
Peking University

Office: No.128 North Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing 100080, P. R. of China
Phone: (86) 10-82529252
Email: zhaodongyan AT pku DOT edu DOT cn 


I am a Professor in Wangxuan Institute of Computer Technology (WICT), Peking University (PKU), China. I received B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Department of Computer Science and Technology of PKU in 1991, 1994 and 2000 respectively. 

Research Biography

My major research interests include Natural Language Processing, Semantic Data Management and Knowledge-based Intelligent System. Recently, I am interested in several research topics including Information Extraction, Knowledge Graph, Question Answering & Reading Comprehension, Dialogue System and Knowledge-based Intelligence applications. 

As a distinguished member of China Computer Federation (CCF), I was the secretary-general of CCF TCCI (Technical Committee on Chinese Information Technology, renamed as CCF TCNLP (Technical Committe on Natural Language Processing) in 2020, from 2010 to 2019. I’m the member of CCF Advisory Committee of Big Data and member of CCF Network and Data Communications, as well as a senior member of CIPS Social Media Processing Committee.

In recent years, while undertaking 17 national and 8 provincial/ministerial scientific research projects (include National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key Development Project, etc.), I am/was the PI in 16 projects, including 8 national research projects.

Having published 200+ referred papers (more than 100 of them are top ranked by CCF, such as ACL, AAAI, IJCAI, KDD, WWW, SIGMOD, VLDB; AI, TODS, VLDB Journal, TKDE etc.), obtained 23 patents, I won 7 official awards from national and provincial/ministerial bureaus of China, including National Awards of Scientific and Technological Process, Second Prize (The first contributor).

I also won China Youth Science and Technology Award (2007) and Special Award of Technological Innovation titled "Honor of Science and Technology" by Beijing Municipal Government (2007).

Research Group: Web Information Processing Lab

Selected Publications (From 2021 only)

RefereedJournal Papers:

  • Shen Gao, Haotong Zhang, Xiuying Chen, Chongyang Tao, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan: A Trend of AI Conference Convergence in Similarity: An Empirical Study Through Trans-Temporal Heterogeneous Graph. IEEE TKDE 35(9): 9642-9655 (2023) (CCF Rank A)
  • Jiazhan Feng, Chongyang Tao, Xueliang Zhao, Dongyan Zhao: Learning Multi-turn Response Selection in Grounded Dialogues with Reinforced Knowledge and Context Distillation. ACM TOIS. 41(4): 115:1-115:27 (2023) (CCF Rank A)
  • Xiuying Chen, Mingzhe Li, Shen Gao, Zhangming Chan, Dongyan Zhao, Xin Gao, Xiangliang Zhang, Rui Yan: Follow the Timeline! Generating an Abstractive and Extractive Timeline Summary in Chronological Order. ACM TOIS 41(1): 9:1-9:30 (2023) (CCF Rank A)
  • Youhuan Li, Lei Zou, M. Tamer Özsu, Dongyan Zhao: Space-Efficient Subgraph Search Over Streaming Graph With Timing Order Constraint. IEEE TKDE. 34(9): 4453-4467 (2022) (CCF Rank A)
  • Zhibin Chen, Yuting Wu, Yansong Feng, Dongyan Zhao: Integrating Manifold Knowledge for Global Entity Linking with Heterogeneous Graphs. Data Intelligence 4(1): 20-40 (2022)
  • Chen Zhang, Yuxuan Lai, Yansong Feng, Dongyan Zhao: A Review of Deep Learning in Question Answering Over Knowledge Bases. AI Open 2: 205-215 (2021)
  • Luozheng Li, Peipei Song, Dan Zhang, Dongyan Zhao: A New Word Mining Method Based on Fast-text Model. Int. J. Asian Lang. Process. 31(2): 2250001:1-2250001:11 (2021)
  • Peng Peng, Qi Ge, Lei Zou, M. Tamer Özsu, Zhiwei Xu, Dongyan Zhao: Optimizing Multi-Query Evaluation in Federated RDF Systems. IEEE TKDE 33(4): 1692-1707 (2021)
  • Shen Gao, Xiuying Chen, Li Liu, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan: Learning to Respond with Your Favorite Stickers: A Framework of Unifying Multi-Modality and User Preference in Multi-Turn Dialog. ACM TOIS 39(2): 12:1-12:32 (2021)
  • Shen Gao, Xiuying Chen, Zhaochun Ren, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan: Meaningful Answer Generation of E-Commerce Question-Answering. ACM TOIS 39(2): 18:1-18:26 (2021)
  • Ruijian Xu, Chongyang Tao, Jiazhan Feng, Wei Wu, Rui Yan, Dongyan Zhao: Response Ranking with Multi-types of Deep Interactive Representations in Retrieval-based Dialogues. ACM TOIS 39(4): 44:1-44:28 (2021)
  • Juntao Li, Chang Liu, Chongyang Tao, Zhangming Chan, Dongyan Zhao, Min Zhang, Rui Yan: Dialogue History Matters! Personalized Response Selection in Multi-Turn Retrieval-Based Chatbots. ACM TOIS 39(4): 45:1-45:25 (2021)
  • Rui Yan, Weiheng Liao, Dongyan Zhao, Ji-Rong Wen: Multi-Response Awareness for Retrieval-Based Conversations: Respond with Diversity via Dynamic Representation Learning. ACM TOIS 39(4): 54:1-54:29 (2021)

Conference Papers:

  • Haowei Du, Chen Li, Dinghao Zhang, Dongyan Zhao: Bi-Directional Multi-Granularity Generation Framework for Knowledge Graph-to-Text, ACL 2024 Accepted
  • Jiazhan Feng, Chongyang Tao, Xiubo Geng, Tao Shen, Can Xu, Guodong Long, Dongyan Zhao, Daxin Jiang: Synergistic Interplay between Search and Large Language Models for Information Retrieval, ACL 2024 Accepted
  • Yiduo Guo, Zekai Zhang, Yaobo Liang, Dongyan Zhao, Nan Duan: PPTC Benchmark: Evaluating Large Language Models for PowerPoint Task Completion, ACL (Findings) 2024 Accepted
  • Yiduo Guo, Yaobo Liang, Dongyan Zhao, Nan Duan: Large Language Models Can Learn Representation in Natural Language, ACL (Findings) 2024 Accepted
  • Zhuocheng Gong, Jiahao Liu, Ziyue Wang, Pengfei Wu, Jingang Wang, Xunliang Cai, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan: Graph-Structured Speculative Decoding, ACL (Findings) 2024 Accepted
  • Xin Cheng, Xun Wang, Tao Ge, Si-Qing Chen, Furu Wei, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan: SCALE: Synergized Collaboration of Asymmetric Language Translation Engines, ACL (Findings) 2024 Accepted
  • Jinpeng Li, Zekai Zhang, Quan Tu, Xin Cheng, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan: StyleChat: Learning Recitation-Augmented Memory in LLMs for Stylized Dialogue Generation. COLING 2024
  • Yueqian Wang, Yuxuan Wang, Kai Chen, Dongyan Zhao: STAIR: Spatial-Temporal Reasoning with Auditable Intermediate Results for Video Question Answering. AAAI 2024: 19215-19223 (CCF Rank A)
  • Zhuocheng Gong, Jiahao Liu, Jingang Wang, Xunliang Cai, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan: What Makes Quantization for Large Language Model Hard? An Empirical Study from the Lens of Perturbation. AAAI 2024: 18082-18089 (CCF Rank A)
  • Zhuocheng Gong, Yang Song, Tao Zhang, Ji-Rong Wen, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan: Your Career Path Matters in Person-Job Fit. AAAI 2024: 8427-8435 (CCF Rank A)
  • Xin Cheng, Di Luo, Xiuying Chen, Lemao Liu, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan: Lift Yourself Up: Retrieval-augmented Text Generation with Self-Memory. NeurIPS 2023 (CCF Rank A)
  • Haowei Du, Dinghao Zhang, Chen Li, Yang Li, Dongyan Zhao: Multi-Granularity Information Interaction Framework for Incomplete Utterance Rewriting. EMNLP (Findings) 2023: 2576-2581
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  • Haowei DuQuzhe HuangChen LiChen ZhangYang LiDongyan Zhao: Relation-Aware Question Answering for Heterogeneous Knowledge Graphs. EMNLP (Findings) 2023: 13582-13592
  • Tianyi Liu, Yansong Feng, Dongyan Zhao: Learning Dynamic Representations for Discourse Dependency Parsing. EMNLP (Findings) 2023: 14253-14263
  • Zhuocheng Gong, Jiahao Liu, Qifan Wang, Jingang Wang, Xunliang Cai, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan: Improving Input-label Mapping with Demonstration Replay for In-context Learning. EMNLP (Findings) 2023: 14923-14934
  • Mingxu Tao, Yansong Feng, Dongyan Zhao: A Frustratingly Easy Improvement for Position Embeddings via Random Padding. NLPCC (2) 2023: 301-313
  • Yueqian Wang, Yuxuan Wang, Dongyan Zhao: Overview of the NLPCC 2023 Shared Task 10: Learn to Watch TV: Multimodal Dialogue Understanding and Response Generation. NLPCC (3) 2023: 412-419
  • Jiazhan Feng, Chongyang Tao, Tao Shen, Chang Liu, Dongyan Zhao: Dimension-Prompts Boost Commonsense Consolidation. SIGIR 2023: 1934-1938
  • Yuting Wu, Yutong Hu, Yansong Feng, Tianyi Li, Mark Steedman, Dongyan Zhao: Align-then-Enhance: Multilingual Entailment Graph Enhancement with Soft Predicate Alignment. ACL (Findings) 2023: 881-894
  • Yuxuan Wang, Jack Wang, Dongyan Zhao, Zilong Zheng: Rethinking Dictionaries and Glyphs for Chinese Language Pre-training. ACL (Findings) 2023: 1089-1101
  • Yijia Shao, Yiduo Guo, Dongyan Zhao, Bing Liu: Class-Incremental Learning based on Label Generation. ACL (2) 2023: 1263-1276 (CCF Rank A)
  • Zhen Li, Chongyang Tao, Jiazhan Feng, Tao Shen, Dongyan Zhao, Xiubo Geng, Daxin Jiang: FAA: Fine-grained Attention Alignment for Cascade Document Ranking. ACL (1) 2023: 1688-1700 (CCF Rank A)
  • Zhibin Chen, Yansong Feng, Dongyan Zhao: From the One, Judge of the Whole: Typed Entailment Graph Construction with Predicate Generation. ACL (1) 2023: 3534-3551 (CCF Rank A)
  • Yiduo Guo, Yaobo Liang, Dongyan Zhao, Bing Liu, Nan Duan: Analyzing and Reducing the Performance Gap in Cross-Lingual Transfer with Fine-tuning Slow and Fast. ACL (1) 2023: 4002-4017 (CCF Rank A)
  • Yuxuan Wang, Zilong Zheng, Xueliang Zhao, Jinpeng Li, Yueqian Wang, Dongyan Zhao: VSTAR: A Video-grounded Dialogue Dataset for Situated Semantic Understanding with Scene and Topic Transitions. ACL (1) 2023: 5036-5048 (CCF Rank A)
  • Chen Zhang, Jiuheng Lin, Xiao Liu, Yuxuan Lai, Yansong Feng, Dongyan Zhao: How Many Answers Should I Give? An Empirical Study of Multi-Answer Reading Comprehension. ACL (Findings) 2023: 5811-5827
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  • Hejing Cao, Dongyan Zhao: Leveraging Denoised Abstract Meaning Representation for Grammatical Error Correction. ACL (Findings) 2023: 7180-7188
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  • Zhuocheng Gong, Jiahao Liu, Qifan Wang, Yang Yang, Jingang Wang, Wei Wu, Yunsen Xian, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan: PreQuant: A Task-agnostic Quantization Approach for Pre-trained Language Models. ACL (Findings) 2023: 8065-8079
  • Xiao Liu, Da Yin, Chen Zhang, Yansong Feng, Dongyan Zhao: The Magic of IF: Investigating Causal Reasoning Abilities in Large Language Models of Code. ACL (Findings) 2023: 9009-9022
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  • Society Services
    • Member of CCF TCNLP (Technical Committee of Natural Language Processing, China Computer Federation), From 2010
    • General Secretary of CCF TCCI (Technical Committee of Chinese Information Technology, renamed as TCNLP in 2020), From 2010 - 2019
    • Member of Advisory Committee of Big Data, China Computer Federation, From 2013
    • Member of CCF TCCOMM(Committee of Network and Data Communications, China Computer Federation), From 2008
  • PC Chair
    • The 8th Chinese Semantic Web & Web Science Conference (CSWS 2014)
  • Organizing Chair
    • NLPCC 2012-2019
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