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The Center for Chinese Font Design and Research (CCFDR) is jointly founded by the Department of Language Information Management of Ministry of Education, ICST, and Beijing Founder Electronic Co., Ltd. on April 29, 2005. CCFDR aims to research and develop new font design and techniques.

The mission of CCFDR consists of font investigation, typeface design, demonstration and promotion of glyph standards for multiple languages in China. By continuously providing graceful standards-compliant font products, which fully satisfy the requirements of the society, CCFDR promotes the level of Chinese writing systems in China. CCFDR also undertakes many projects supported by the agencies of states and ministries.

CCFDR emphasizes on both academic research and industrial applications. With several state-of-the-art achievements, it exerts significant influence in the areas of glyph computing and font generation in academia and industry.

With a profound understanding of character construction principles, calligraphy writing theories, font design experiences, and font producing standards, as well as leveraging the theories and techniques of computer graphics, computer vision, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, CCFDR proposes a serials of innovative techniques for glyph analysis, including image & graphic segmentation, skeleton generation, stroke extraction, shape description, shape interpolation and manipulation, font feature extraction, and font style composition. To meet various requirements from the industry, CCFDR develops several font generation systems based on these techniques. With the capabilities of stroke & component assembling, deep style learning, and font manifold, these systems significantly improve the efficiency of the design and manufacture of Chinese fonts.

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