National Engineering Research Center for New Technology of E-Publishing

National Engineering Research Center for New Technology of E-Publishing (hereinafter referred to as "the Center") was established by Peking University in 1993, where ICST is located, and it was co-built by Founder Group as well. The initiator of "the Center" was Professor WANG Xuan, whose successor was Professor Jianguo Xiao and became its second director, and Professor Zongming Guo is in charge right now.

There were five goals of establishing "the Center".

• Improve press and publishing into a new stage;

• Develop e-publishing techniques in this field;

• Take high-grade laser phototypesetting system as a major developing trend;

• Implement commercialization and industrialization as fast as possible;

• Create tremendous economic and social benefits.

Focusing on those goals, "the Center" has succeeded in developing all kinds of creative engineering systems, catalyzed significant changes in the press and publishing industry, and obtained enormous economic and social benefits. "The Center" was awarded "Great achievement award of National Engineering Research Center" by National Development and Reform Commission in 2012, it was also honored with first prize of "National Scientific and Technological Progress Award" (one time), and second prize of "National Scientific and Technological Progress Award" (three times).

In the 21st century, with the development of information digitizing and networking, Internet has become a new press media. The fields of print & press and radio & television are joining into a new information networking period. Therefore, the contents of those researches by "the Center" have been adjusted accordingly when revolutionary took place in connotation of e-publishing, which significantly changed prevailing paper media press to all-media dominate by networking and digitizing field. In recent years, the revolution of e-publishing is speeded up even more through the new development of IT and print equipment production, for instance, big data, cloud computing, social communication, mobile Internet and inkjet digital print technology. However, intelligent media technology is going to be a new trend of future e-publishing. Recently, "the Center" has gained outstanding achievements in core technologies of intelligent media. Based on our technologies, we developed several products that had been welcome by our customers, which keeps promoting the e-publishing industry in China.

According to the latest development of press technologies, a new research direction has been set by "the Center" in 2015. Our goal was focused on media intelligence in the future. There are four key fundamental research areas: e-publishing, digital content computing and knowledge service, multimedia processing and retrieval, digital document processing. Based on these research areas, we have set up five significant application directions, which include: inkjet digital print, font computing, digital news, digital publishing and big data application. Moreover, ICST is responsible for those key fundamental research. The Beijing Founder Electronics CO., Ltd, the other member of the center, is responsible for development, marketing and industrialization based on the research outcome.

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